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FCC approved

What the new FCC Ruling means for you

One June 14, 2016 the Federal Court of Appeals ruled that high-speed internet can be defined as a utility, which clears the way for more rigorous policing of broadband providers and greater protections for web users. The court’s decision upheld the F.C.C. on the declaration of broadband as a utility which will have broad-reaching implications […]

California LLC Attorney

The nitty gritty specifics of how the new(ish) LLC law might affect your business!

Now that I have piqued your attention with my sky-is-falling attitude in my previous entry (link here) let’s get into the specific ways the new(ish) LLC law might affect your existing or new business. Oftentimes, clients come to me with an existing operating agreement that they found on the internet. Here’s a big problem with […]